Hi there,

I’m Kathi and the author of K&K (Kathi’s kitchen). Kathi is one of my many nicknames. Actually Katharina is my real first name, but most of the time it’s too long. So, just keep it simple and call me Kathi. I am really obsessed with food, in particular delicious food and especially when it’s homemade.

Beside cooking, spending time outdoors is my second passion. For me, a perfect day is to combine cooking and nature.

I grew up with 6 siblings – three brothers and three sisters – on a small farm on the countryside in Austria. I used to live in a multi-generational household, my grandparents, parents, and siblings all lived under the same roof.

My family (parents and siblings) and I in traditional Austrian clothes – Dirndl and Lederhosen. (copyright cja-fotografie.de)

In such a big family food plays an important role. Every day the entire family came together at the kitchen table at least once. The kitchen was the place where we met, where we spoke about problems, celebrated, laughed and most importantly enjoyed delicious homemade food. During my childhood I was able to observe the end-to-end process of how food is produced, from planting to cropping vegetables, fruits or grains, to give birth to animals, raise but also slaughter them if necessary. Obviously, my obsession and love of food have existed since my childhood.

Our happy calves on my parents farm enjoy to be outdoors.Growing up in a big family has a lot of benefits. There is always someone around to keep you entertained and you nurture social skills automatically, but everyone also had to do one’s chores. Being a smart girl, I chose to help out in the kitchen and fell in love with cooking from the first day on. The feeling of producing delicious meals was thrilling but satisfying at the same time. Learning from one of the best (home cooking) chefs in Austria – my grandma – was incredible. My grandma literally spent her whole life in the kitchen. She usually got there around 6am in the morning to get breakfast ready for the rest of the family and did not leave before 7-ish in the evening after everyone had dinner. And when I was a little girl, I spent every possible minute with her to help with preparing food or everything else she did. I baked my first cake at 10, and soon I realized cooking is fun and joy. Experimenting with different flavors, combining different ingredients, and coming up with new culinary experiments makes me happy.

When I moved to Seattle, I realized how much I miss the type of food I grew up with. While I truly appreciate Seattle’s vast diversity of restaurants and culinary options, I have not found an authentic Austrian restaurant yet. I felt it was a shame, that Austrian cuisine isn’t very well known or famous outside of Europe. And that was the birth of “K&K”.

Why K&K?

There are two reasons why I choose the name K&K. First, K&K is a synonym for the love story of  “Kathi and Kitchen”. And second, the more official meaning of K&K is actually “kaiserlich und koeniglich” (imperial-royal) from the former Austrian Empire which was a multinational great power from 1804 – 1918 in central Europe. The Austrian Empire strongly influenced Austrian cuisine due to lots of cultural influences from Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Germany and several other European countries.

With my blog I would love to share my passion for Austrian recipes with the world. But it’s not only about recipes, I would also like to offer some insights into the history of Austrian food and share my personal stories and relationship with this amazing cuisine.  

Enjoy my blog and happy cooking!