Green Salad with Honey Mustard Yogurt Dressing

Green salad is a popular side in the Austrian cuisine. The salad adds a good balance to hearty Austrian meals (e.g. Käsespätzle, Viennese Schnitzel). The side also allows for variations or combinations of different green salads like frisee, romaine, iceberg, spinach, napa cabbage or butterhead lettuce. Every now and then I also throw in my leftover vegetables like pepper, tomato or radishes to add some color. In this recipe, I use butterhead lettuce with a simple honey mustard yogurt dressing.

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Butterhead lettuce - green Salad in a bowl with silverware
10 minutes
2 tablespoons white vinegar
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon olive oil extra virgin
1 teaspoon quality oil (e.g. sesame, pumpkin seed, walnut oil)
2 tablespoons yogurt
1 teaspoon mild mustard (e.g. fig mustard)
1 pinch salt
0.5 bunch chives
  1. Prepare the ingredients
    Cut off and discard the root of the lettuce, then separate the leaves. Wash the leaves and rip them to medium size pieces. Wash and chop the chives.
  2. Make the dressing
    In a large bowl whisk vinegar, honey, oils, yoghurt, mustard, salt, and 1 tablespoon water together until the dressing is smooth. Add the chopped chives.
    Dressing of green salad
  3. Serve the salad
    Combine salad and dressing, toss to throughly coated.
    Butterhead lettuce - green Salad in a bowl with silverware
My little secret

Instead of vinegar, I love to use fresh lemon juice and pep the dressing with some lemon zest.

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